Workshop Time Table

68th NATCON of ASI 2022
Pre-Conference Workshop on: Overview of In Vitro Fertilization: Focus on Male Infertility
27th Jan 2022
Organized by
Department of Anatomy in Collaboration with Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology K. G. Medical University U.P., Lucknow

9.30 To 9.50 AM

Welcome &Inauguration

Session -1






9.50 To 10.00 AM

Introduction To Workshop

Dr. Sarabpreet Singh(Senior Consultant, Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon)



10.00 To 10.30 AM

Introduction To Assisted Reproduction (IVF)

Dr Amita Pandey, Professor, Department OfObstetrics &Gynecology K. G. Medical University U.P., Lucknow

Dr Sabita Mishra,
Dr. AribamJaishree Devi,
Dr. MrudulaChandrupatla

Dr Rashmi Malhotra

10:30-10:45 AM

Structure And Physiology Of Sperm

Dr Jyoti Chopra, Professor, Department OfAnatomy, K. G. Medical University U.P., Lucknow

Dr Ak Srivastava, Dr Renu Chauhan,
Dr Sharadkumar P Sawant

Dr Vivek Mishra

10.45 To 11.15 AM

Semen Analysis: WHO 2021 &Sperm Function Tests

Dr. Mona Sharma(Additional Professor, AIIMS, Reproductive Biology, New Delhi)

Dr S L Jethani,
Prof.Vinay Kumar VeerannaSetty,
Dr SubhalakshmiWahengbam

Dr. Chandni Gupta

11.15 To 11.45 AM

Genetics Of Male Infertility

Dr. Rajender Singh(Sr. Principal Scientist, Male Reproductive Biology Laboratory, Endocrinology Division, Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow)

Dr Anita Mahajan,
Dr Praveen Balasubramanian Iyer
Dr. Dushyant Agrawal

Dr. Suman Verma

Tea Break: 11.45 To 12.00 Pm

12.00 To 12.30 PM

Work-Up Of An Infertile Male

Dr. PRAVEEN KUMAR PANDEY (Consultant Urologist AndRenal Transplantation Surgeon, Sahara Super SpecialityHospital, Lucknow)

Dr Jayanthi. V,
Dr. Kumar S Ravi
Dr. Yogesh Sontakke

Dr. Dewanshi Mishra

12.30 To 1.20 PM

What Goes Inside An Embryology (IVF) Lab

Dr. Sarabpreet Singh(Senior Consultant, Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon)

Dr Rashmi Malhotra, Dr Vivek Mishra, Dr Manisha R Gaikwad

Dr Swati Saxena

Lunch: 1.20 To 2pm

Session 2

02 To 2.30PM


Company Representative-
Functional Analysis Of Male Gamete, Semen Analysis &Sperm Function Tests, Sperm Preparation Techniques



2:30 PM Onwards

Virtual Interactive Demo

Dr. Sarabpreet Singh &Company Representative –
Semen Analysis
Sperm Vitality
Sperm Morphology
DNA Fragmentation